The Podcast That Got Me Through 2017!

I never had an interest in listening to or even knew what a podcast really was before 2017. At the time that I stumbled across the beginnings of Black Girl Boss Podcast (BGB Podcast), I was coming to the end of a really good year. I graduated from college, started working full-time, and just finished showcasing my brand at NYFW. Needless to say, I was optimistically looking forward to 2017 which I declared “The Year of New Beginnings.” Little did I know, my “new beginning” would come AFTER some much-needed transition, growth, fine-tuning, and tightening up. BGB Podcast helped me through this process.
So what is it?
The Black Girl Boss Podcast is a space for REAL talk with REAL bosses to discuss both the challenging and the beautiful journey of Entrepreneurship.
“We are queens about our business, building an empire and sprinkling a little Black Girl Magic and Empowerment on the world.” – BGB Podcast
BGB Podcast is hosted by Tatum Harrison (@tatumtemia) and Milan Mobley (@theemilanmobley), a Business Coach and an Entertainment Publicist from the Washington, DC area. Tatum is a sassy and sophisticated speaker, marketer, and self-love advocate. Milan is a PR maven who is about her business and all things women empowerment. Between the two, these women have spilled all the tea on life as an entrepreneur.  New episodes are available every Monday on iTunes and Soundcloud.
Why do I love it?
I am a true advocate for women empowerment and entrepreneurship, especially within the African American Community. Entrepreneurs are known for creating, innovating, and developing blueprints to pave the way for others. They are visionaries, often conceiving ideas and seeing things that the average person may not understand.  An Entrepreneur’s journey can be very rewarding in the end, but in the beginning, the obstacles you face can leave you feeling alone and misunderstood. I often have difficulty finding other individuals who can relate to the things I experience, have meaningful conversations about REAL life, or just to confirm the many thoughts running through my head about the business.
I identify as a #blackgirlboss so the name of the podcast caught my attention, but the transparency of these two women have made me an avid listener every week. Many people like to show off or talk about the successes of their journey, but not many talks about the struggles, the insecurities, the real-time decision making that occurs along the way. Tatum and Milan drop gems on topics such as preparing to leave your 9-5 (both ladies left their 9-5 in 2017), building a team, time management, branding, developing healthy business habits, Q1-Q4 goal execution, joining the millionaires club and many more.
These women have truly blessed me with their podcast and I genuinely look up to them as older sisters. I have seen the growth of both of their businesses and I couldn’t be more proud! They have definitely ended 2017 with a bang! I am so excited to see both ladies continue to blossom in 2018.
Favorite Episodes:
(Really you should check out every episode but these spoke to me.)
Episode 40: Imposters Syndrome
5 Takeaways from #BGBPodcast:
1. Make GOD your business partner.
2. Take the time to prepare.
3. For every new level, there’s a new devil.
4. Surround yourself with those who are where you want to be.
5. Major Keys To Building A Business: People, Profit, Process ( you can’t skip the process!)
If you are a Black Girl Boss and you are ready to BOSS UP in 2018 with the rest of us, make sure you follow #bgbpodcast every Monday on iTunes and Soundcloud.
A Black Girl Boss Building Her Dynasty

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