We Need More Women Executives!

For the past 6  months, I have been off the radar, strategizing about the best way I could show my true self through my business. I am more than just a clothing designer, I am a business woman, a strategist, a visionary. I spent all of college attempting to challenge societal norms as it relates to accepting fashion in the business industry AND bringing exposure to the business side of the fashion industry. I refuse to think that I’m the only one who believes these two industries overlap. While I have been able to leave a legacy on my college campus, my work is not done. It only made sense for the re-launch of Dynasty to be directed towards closing the gap between business and fashion, while advancing the careers of women.
Many women struggle “fitting in” to their work environment. Their creativity and individuality are often suppressed by the traditions, limitations, and standards of how one “should be” in the workplace. Dynasty By Brittany abides by the same standards that make an attire “professional”, while adding the element of office couture to the mix, experimenting with unique silhouettes, colors, and prints that you otherwise would not see in the workplace.
In business you are often told to take risks. What better way to show how daring you are then in your attire?
Dynasty By Brittany will provide women with the outlet they need to express their creative and fashion-forward nature even in the most conservative corporate environment. We seek to empower women to have the courage and confidence to break the glass ceiling in order to propel their career by being unapologetically themselves.
For years people have looked at the fashion industry as a completely separate entity from the business world. In reality, they are not so far apart. My world has always intertwined my business acumen with my love for fashion. I was able to make a dent in this perception on my college campus and now I am ready to disrupt the business world to be more accepting of fashion in the workplace. I also want to inspire and encourage women to tap into their inner #Girlboss along the way.

“The next generation of young women to enter the workforce will do so with more confidence and ability to stand up for what is right than any other generation in history.”

– Forbes, Three Bold Predictions For Women In Corporate America In 2018

Women empowerment is a cause I care a lot about. We need more women executives! So with that being said, sorry fellas I have to focus on my ladies this time around.
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Brittany McCoy

Founder and CEO


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