5 Myths About Your Work Attire

It’s apparent that a major key to having a successful career for women is confidence. Not only is confidence a mindset, it also helps if you look the part.

Business school taught me in order to succeed in a corporate environment, it was strongly suggested that I wear black, navy blue, or gray suits. Kitten heels or flats were the most appropriate footwear. No loud colors or flashy jewelry.

In other words, do not draw unnecessary attention to yourself…and now that I am actually working in a corporate environment, I have been questioning everything I was ever told! Who in the world came up with these rules and what is truly the correlation between your work attire and your performance? Although every industry is different, you can use the following steps and modify them to fit your needs.

1. No Color

Society tells us that wearing bright colors is inappropriate for the office. That is FALSE. Now I am not saying to walk into the office looking like a clown, but color can be professional when styled correctly.  The best and most professional way to wear color and still look polished is by using it as an accent piece.

2. Basic Silhouettes

Most work attire these days give you no shape. Everything is boxy and I do not want to look like a pencil. The days of pencil dresses and skirts are long gone. It’s time to become reacquainted with your body.  Try exploring different silhouettes that complement your shape such as wrap dresses, peplum tops, and asymmetrical skirts.

3. No Textures

It seems like textures don’t exist in the workplace. If it is not a suit, you can’t wear it. FALSE. When styled correctly, textures such as leather, suede, and fur can make for great accent pieces to take your work attire to the next level. Be sure to look out for a future post on styling!

4. Don’t Make A Statement

Unfortunately, it is still very much a man’s world. There are those who still take the mindset that women should follow men, stay in the background, be seen and not heard. Many women disapper in their clothing because of lack of fit and dark colors, causing them to blend in with the office furniture around them. Boss Babe, it is 2018. MAKE A STATEMENT! Speak loud and be proud. The key to statement pieces is finding your signature. Whether it’s a red lip, a pink handbag, cheetah print shoes, or a quilted blazer, find it, style it, and own it. After all, you’re a BOSS, you can wear what you want.

5. Shoes

Women have a tendency to spend time picking out their outfits, then throw on just any shoe. Your feet matter, and believe it or not, you have a lot of options to wear to work that can be comfortable and stylish. I will go into more detail in a future post, so stay tuned.  …And please, no more kitten heels. I’m not sure why they exist, it’s just odd. If you are not able to wear heels 2.5″ or higher, just wear flats. It’s okay!

Interested in seeing how the above points can work together creating a chic look from head to toe that’s #fitforaboss? Keep Scrolling.

Dynasty By Brittany Yasmin Vest
Outfit Details c/o Dynasty By Brittany: Robin Top (here), Kerry Wrap Skirt (here), Yasmin Vest (here)

Dynasty By Brittany Yasmin Vest Look 2Dynasty By Brittany Yasmin Vest Look 3Dynasty By Brittany Yasmin Vest Look 4Dynasty By Brittany Yasmin Vest Look 5


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