7 Tips For Wearing All Black

Working for a beauty company that is very fashion-forward, I was so surprised to see the number of women who wore only black every day and rocked it! Wearing all black is not just a trend, it’s becoming a lifestyle! Here are some tips I gathered by observing my co-workers who do it best!

Milan (Black) x Mary-Jane Lifestyle 1
Outfit Details c/o Dynasty By Brittany: Milan (Black) (here), Mary-Jane Pant (here)
  1. Incorporate Textures and Fabrics

    To achieve the ultimate chic look, wear multiple textures and fabrics as opposed to only one. Different fabrics give off different vibes. For a casual look wear cotton, denim, and knit fabrics. To give your outfit some edge, try adding a leather or suede jacket. To glam up your look use fabrics such as satin or silk to add a nice feminine touch.

Milan (Black) x Mary-Jane Lifestyle 2

2. Fit Is Important

Your body should never drown in your clothing and wearing all black should not be a substitute for looking presentable. Make sure your clothes fit. If you choose to wear a loose fitting top, try wearing a skinny pant. Or if you feel the need to wear baggy pants, put on a nice fitted top to balance the look.

Milan (Black) x Mary-Jane Lifestyle 3

3. Contrast Your Look With Bold and Unique Accessories

Handbags, belts, scarfs, and jewelry are great ways to accessorize an all-black look. Use bright colors to truly make a statement or simply play with textures such as fur, leather, and suede to achieve a fashion-forward style. I personally love accessorizing my looks with gold jewelry because it creates a classic and timeless look. No matter what color jewelry you use, try finding unique pieces that will take your outfit to another level.

4. Fierce Make-Up

Wearing black gives you the opportunity to spend more time on other features like your make-up. People will be drawn to your natural beauty, so focus on enhancing your eyes and lips for a powerful look. Experiment with different color eyeshadows and use a pop of color on your lip.

Milan (Black) x Mary-Jane Lifestyle 4

5. Don’t Forget About Your Hair

Try new hairstyles to complement your outfit. For a more edgy look, go with big curls! For a refined look try a high bun or low ponytail. Use hats and other hair accessories to bring it all together!

Milan (Black) x Mary-Jane Lifestyle 5

6. Paint Your Nails

Don’t overlook your nails, they matter too. Make sure the paint on your fingernails and toenails complement each other. Use bright colors to contrast your all black outfit!

7. Do Not Over Accessorize

While there are so many ways to enhance your all-black look, there’s no need to use them all at once. It’s important to remember not to over accessorize. One thing about wearing all black is that it looks good by itself. It is classy and timeless, resulting in little effort from you to look stylish. Embrace the simplicity.

Milan (Black) x Mary-Jane Lifestyle 5

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