Take A Risk. Make A Statement!

Every #girlboss should have statement pieces to pull out every now and then. Statement pieces are a great way to let your presence be known without having to say a word. If done right, it can separate you from the pack in the most admirable way. Clothing can be very expressive. There are so many ways to channel your inner fashionista without being too flashy or out of character. So what makes a great statement piece? Glad you ask…

One-Of-A-Kind And Unique

Statement pieces tend to be things that you don’t see often. They are not commodities, but one-of-a-kind and uniquely made. Custom pieces are great for this purpose! Lucky for you I happen to be a custom designer, email info@dynastybybrittany.com for inquiries.

Not Overbearing

The best statements are made with the utmost class. Try to avoid wearing multiple pieces that are too large and too loud, especially in the workplace. Remember you’re a BOSS and your attire should be graceful, tasteful, and classy while simultaneously showcasing your personal style. Besides, you are amazing just as you are, you don’t need to try that hard.

Able To Stand Alone

Your statement piece should have the spotlight. The rest of your outfit should be fairly simple. If using bright-colored accessories as your statement, for best results you should minimize the color palette of your outfit to one color that gives the most contrast. If wearing a monochromatic look (ex, a hot pink suit) consider wearing no flashy jewelry or any at all.

Make One Statement At A Time

The magic number is one. You do not want to send mixed [matched] messages. No two pieces should be fighting for attention. It is important to create synergy among your outfit, complement don’t compete.

Outfit Details c/o Dynasty By Brittany: Michelle Dress (Black) (here), The Wildcard (here)

Design Inspiration:

This summer is all about challenging myself as a designer. I love making outerwear, so it was fitting that my first Wildcard piece was a jacket. This piece has a tuxedo feel in style, but the pop of color is just enough to take it over the edge. You can dress it up for a night out or you can dress it down for a casual event during the day. I used color-blocking techniques and geometric shapes to form the silhouette of the jacket. Comment below and let me know what you think!

Stay Tuned For More.


More Ideas For Your Work Attire:

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