How to Deal With Stress in the Workplace.

Within two years of being in the workforce, I have seen people quitting their jobs at record rates. For many, it is due to the stress of feeling overworked and undervalued. While I believe that companies must do a much better job at making their employees happier, there are some steps you can take to relieve yourself from the typical stress you experience at your 9-5. Here’s how to do the work without the worry:

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1. Create Boundaries

You are overworked because you are allowing yourself to be. Have a set work schedule and stick as close to it as possible. If you are working all hours of the night, that means somewhere processes are broken. People are getting more done within the first 4 hours of the day than people working longer than 8 hours.

Over the course of an eight-hour workday, the average employee works for about three hours — two hours and 53 minutes, to be more precise…Toward the end of the day, performance begins to flatline or even worsen, K. Anders Ericsson, an expert on the psychology of work, said. “If you’re pushing people well beyond that time they can really concentrate maximally, you’re very likely to get them to acquire some bad habits,” Ericsson told Business Insider in 2016.

– Business Insider, 8-hour Workday May Be 5 Hours Too Long

Figure out where the process is broken and develop a strategy to improve it, but stick to your boundaries. If your company doesn’t understand that then you are not in the right company.

2. Create a Safe Space

If you have an office, closed the door for quiet time with yourself to regroup.

If you have a cubicle, make sure to clean and tidy up your desk. Try not to let the chaos of your office enter your cube.

If you have an open office and are 100% exposed, go for a walk during the day. Try not to skip lunch, but truly take advantage of it.

Creating a safe space will allow you some alone time to recharge. This is very important for high stress and high tempo environments and is a great way to manage what affects you and how you react.

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3. Change your perspective

Here’s an activity to try. The next time you feel stressed or overwhelmed write down what you are feeling and identify the root cause of why you feel like this. You will soon realize one of two things:

  1. Either this is a situation that IS within your control, which I challenge you to take a deep breath and attack it head-on with a solution while implementing those boundaries to prevent future stress.
  2. It’s NOT within your control and in this case, you should keep it moving. Life is too short and I’m sure there are more important things to worry about than the situation at hand. Don’t let your co-workers stress you out. You are A BOSS!

Life is about perspective. “Energy flows where attention goes.” After all, stressed spelled backward is desserts. Choose desserts!


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  1. Some really helpful tips here, and I think it’s correct that the hours you work efficiently during the day are few. I would love to see your thoughts on how to improve stress for people who cannot control their environment, or who have to work crazy hours no matter what. One thing I’ve found helpful is to lock myself into a meeting room and meditate for 20 minutes between meetings if I have time, but I would love more ideas!


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