Power Women: Jordan Blackwell

Discipline, Caring, and Silly

Meet one of the 2018 FIT For A Boss Award Winners, Jordan Blackwell, aka JB (@lilmissjbstyle). JB is your not so average engineer. She started her blog, Lil Miss JB Style, in 2015 as an outlet from her career in the automotive industry.

As a multifaceted young woman, I know how hard it is in a male dominated career to stay true to who you are, so I encourage other women to embrace themselves, find ways to improve their day to day routines, and build their empires all while looking and feeling damn good doing it!


What’s Her Power Play: Know Your Worth


Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Away For A Better Fit

We asked JB to tell us about a time when she experienced adversity in the workplace and how she was able to overcome it. This is what she had to say.

“During my first job out of college, my boss and I did not see eye to eye. I was the first millennial he had managed and though I met my job performance metrics, he felt as though I wasn’t doing the job correctly compared to the older employees. Instead of telling me this at that time, he waited until our bi-annual performance review when it was too late for me to address or make adjustments. The result, I received lower than our average annual raise rate and a partial bonus. When I asked him why he waited to provide me with feedback, he said he assumed I knew. I didn’t and asked him to provide more timely feedback so I could do better in the future.”

“Long story short, this dance of him having complaints about my work and not telling me went on for 2.5 years. Over this time I lost thousands not only in potential annual income but in disposable income from bonuses. In the end, I applied for another position within the company. After moving into my new role, my old manager not only wrote a performance review stating how he missed having an experienced employee, he also reached out to apologize because he was so ingrained in the “this is how it has always been done” that he wasn’t receptive to new approaches. Unfortunately, it was a little too late considering the damage had been done.”


Words of Wisdom:

“Darling, just believe in yourself! Your work doesn’t have to be groundbreaking, change takes time and energy so it will be hard to see the impact of your work right now.  Even if one person has been positively affected, reassured, or empowered then you’ve done well.”

To learn more about JB check out the links below:

Website: www.lilmissjbstyle.com

Instagram: @lilmissjbstyle

Youtube: TheLilMissJB


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