Power Women: Jasmine Whittington

Persistent, Humble, Student

Meet Fit For A Boss Award Winner, Jasmine Whittington, aka JC (@jcwhittington_). JC Whittington is an editor at WUSA9-TV who is excited to continue making her mark in the field of journalism. She grew up in Bowie, Md., just on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. where she cultivated her interests in government, politics, and journalism.

She has two years of federal government work experience with four major government agencies in the nation’s capital. It is through this experience that she applies her insight and connections to report accurately on news coming from the federal government.

Whittington then spent time learning how local government works as a Maryland state reporter. It was in this position she was able to connect the federal government’s impact on issues relevant to her state.

ABC News was her next endeavor. Whittington regional produced for over half of the country, wrote and pitched for digital, edited video, field produced, and shot video for shows airing nationally.

This hard-working journalist is always looking for opportunities to grow and develop her craft.

What’s Her Power Play: Faith


From Production Associate (PA) to Editor

We asked JC to tell us about a time when she experienced adversity in the workplace and how she was able to overcome it. This is what she had to say.

“Let me share with you my story on how I THOUGHT I took a loss but in all actuality, it was a win. I had been a (PA) for 1.5 years before I was let go from that position. I was living every recent graduate’s dream while working at a television network. I wanted to
stay there for as LONG as I could with hopes of one day moving up. I had stopped job searching, put off grad school, and completely tunneled my vision towards my work as a PA. I knew the chances of moving up within the company any time soon were very low. However, I figured people work their whole lives to get to the network and I landed here right after college, so I might as well stay and ride it out.

I soon started experiencing a SHIFT. There were things that started happening that made me uncomfortable. I was put on the overnight and was discriminated against because of my age, gender, and race. The crazy part was that even through all the toxicity at work I was willing to stay because I was comfortable with my current position and I had been conditioned to persevere through tribulation. I falsely believed that when you’re a young Black woman working in a predominantly white work place you just MUST put up with the bull crap that comes with it. I dealt with it until the day I was released from the toxicity.

What the devil meant to destroy me with, God used to bless me.

-JC Whittington

Once I got my confidence and sense of worth together. I got back on my grind. I focused on my strengths and stopped making excuses. I completely changed my mindset. I started applying for jobs that I use to not think I was not qualified for. Thus, how I landed at the job I’m in now. From production associate to multimedia editor. What a leap? What the devil meant to destroy me with, God used to bless me. I just had to get my mind and heart right. I was literally kicked out of my comfort zone into something much greater. If I had not been released I can guarantee you I would have still been a production associate. Your comfort zone is a dangerous place to dwell. God has better for you. But do you want it?”


Words of Wisdom:

“What would you do if you knew couldn’t fail?” Now, pursue that.

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