Power Women: Charlene Osei

Giving, Hardworking, Kind

Meet Fit For A Boss Award Winner, Charlene Osei (@charlene.osei). Charlene was born in Washington, D.C. but family roots are in West Africa Ghana. She comes from a single parent home and of the three of her siblings, she was the first to enter college, graduate, and obtain a masters.

As an undergraduate, Charlene studied Family Science with a minor in Leadership and Black Women Studies, which led to her first job in the nonprofit sector working with people with disabilities in the metropolitan area of Prince Goerge’s County.

The experience from her first job led her to qualify for her current job title which is a Disability Integration Advisor for the federal government. With this position, Charlene
advises different program areas within the agency the importance of inclusiveness of people with disabilities.

“Due to the nature of my job (working in emergency management) I travel a lot.
Which allows me to live in cool states and see/meet new people all while helping the nation during a disaster. When a disaster occurs within those states, people with disabilities are usually left to defend for themselves. Thankfully my job allows me to support them to ensure that they get the support they need.” – Charlene Osei

What’s Her Power Play: Make Your Presence Known


Keep It Like A Boss

We asked Charlene to tell us about a time when she experienced adversity in the workplace and how she was able to overcome it. This is what she had to say.

Being one of the youngest, black, female employees in my agency and holding a leadership position, I often get looked down on as incapable to perform my job. As a result, I have to prove myself 10 times more just to be respected as a colleague.

Situations like these have caused me to grow a backbone. – Charelen Osei

I have been in meetings where I was not addressed as being in the room and had to make my presence known. Situations like these ones have caused me to grow a backbone. My faith in God is what has led me this far and it has given me the knowledge to understand my coworkers and how to best react when faced with opposition. No matter the event I choose to remain cordial and professional.

Words of Wisdom:

P.U.S.H! Which is to pray until something happens. Prayer is apart of my every move and helps me feel confident in every step along the way. Along with prayer, I have learned to trust my intuition and stop second guessing myself because my innate desire/choice is usually right.

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