Power Women: Simphiwe ‘Barbie’ Mthimunye

Confident, Diligent, Trailblazer

Meet Fit For A Boss Award Winner, Simphiwe ‘Barbie’ Mthimunye (@barbie_mthimunye). Barbie is a 29 year-old, Qualified Phlebotomist currently based in South Africa. Her career started in 2010 when she applied for the Phlebotomy programme intake. She was then selected by one of the top medical laboratory to partake in the 2010 phlebotomy programme. She is now a qualified Phlebotomist by profession. She specializes with blood collection for laboratory testing and pathology reasons. The main focus of phlebotomy is for diagnosis purposes, research, and monitoring of treatment.

“My career has helped me to grow and be the women that I am today, the best moment was last year when I was given an awarded as the 1 st black women for dedication and hard work “excellency in phlebotomy” by the Society of Medical Technologist in South Africa (SMLTS) Congress which was held in Durban. The journey of being a phlebotomist has been great to me, I am dedicated and confident, and I am proud to announce that I am selected to be the guest speaker for the medical conferences (SMLTSA) up until 2020. I am very excited about this journey and I am really looking forward to it.” – Barbie

What’s Her Power Play: Never Give Up


No one said it would be easy, but promise it’s worth it.

We asked Barbie to tell us about a time when she experienced adversity in the workplace and how she was able to overcome it. This is what she had to say.

“Being a phlebotomist demands a lot of focus and commitment. Although phlebotomy technician is a scary skill and has limited work opportunities and growth, that has not stopped me. It has instead made me a better person and a successful business woman, and has helped me to raise a capital so I can start my business.

I have focused more on personal growth. I believe that we as woman are more capable of building our own empire, we are now more in control and we can be able to change the world. At this age I manage to get myself a qualification that I can grow in and use it to open more doors for me.

I am not only a qualified phlebotomist nor a UNISA student psychology, I am a business woman. I own a Beauty bar based in Port Elizabeth called Glamspot Emporium, that’s where I spend most of my spare time at and I am also managing and give mentorship to the Role Models team. My future plan is to have my own practice as a psychologist, franchising my business and open an official educational foundation that will cater at least more than 100 potential delegates. I want to be more influential as I can.”


Words of Wisdom

Medical and research field is always challenging, it needs dedication, passion and commitment. When you’re in a health sector you deal with people’s lives, therefore you need to be focused from the minute you’re in class until you’re a professional. Always pay attention and be diligent. To all the young South Africans my advice is lack of faith will limit you from being the best you can be. Always aim high allow your dreams to scare you, it feels good when you have conquered. God will not give you what you cannot handle.

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